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Belize is a very diverse little country with many influences from its neighbors such as Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. Various ethnic groups reside in Belize such as Chinese, East Indian, Mayan, African and Creole. These groups have intermarried and populated such a diverse little country in Central America. The food in Belize is one of a kind because it embodies all the cultures and practices of the existing ethnic groups.

“If yuh like eat then yuh need fu larn fi cook.” This is a creole saying from my home country, Belize. It translates to “If you like to eat then you need to learn to cook.” I truly understood this little phrase when I started living on my own. I have an obsession for food, especially when it is traditional food from my little country Belize. My name is Loanne Liu and I am an international student from Belize Central America. I recently graduated from Valdosta State University in Georgia and just started graduate school as well.

Leaving home was life changing for me especially being away from home cooked meals and family. I come from a long line of very great cooks and I have finally found my place. I have always had a passion for food, especially eating. While in college and living on my own I discovered my true passion for cooking because I missed eating my Belizean home cooked meals.

I discovered that after a long day at school, all I wanted was to be home in my little apartment kitchen cooking up something that reminded me of home. I also found out that cooking was a channel to relief my stress and I was happy doing it. I decided to share my family’s recipes with a little twist of what I have learnt on my own, living here in America.

The photos you will see are original food photography by my fellow Belizean friend, Eliza Alejandra Reyes. She is such an important part of this project and I am very grateful to have her as a friend and partner. She is by my side through the cooking, styling and of course photography process. This is truly an amazing venture that I enjoy doing. I look forward to sharing my passion for food one blog post at a time.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You are an inspiration to me on so many levels that I am truly a fan of your culture and the way you showcase edible beauty. I have never been to Belize but the food that you have shown conveys a country that inherits show much culture and diversity from many peoples, that I ultimately find it necessary to visit your beautiful country and experience this fine cuisine that I have heard so much praises about.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Mark, individuals like yourself give me so much hope to do what I love. I want to share my passion with others and share my culture through food. I highly recommend you visit Belize because it is truly a hidden jewel in Central America! Take care and be sure to check out new updates because I have so much to share!

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